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National Children’s Craft Day!

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

March the 14th is National Children’s Craft Day, part of National Craft Month. It’s a great excuse to get out the aprons, line the table or the floor with newspaper and get creative with the little ones! Crafts help children to learn new skills; it boosts their self-esteem and can even reduce stress, in adults as well as children. We have found three fun craft ideas, why not give them a go?

Make a Twirlywoos Soft Toy

Here’s a fab tutorial we found on Pinterest. Take a look at all the Twirlywoo characters here, and then use them to create your own soft toy at home, using this tutorial as a guide.  This is a craft more for mums and dads and older children. If you have very young children in the house, why not make this fun Twirlywoos hat?

A Campfire for Story Time

This is a wonderful idea, perfect for those rainy days when the weather stops you from going outside. All you need is cardboard for the base, some stones and sticks from outside and some bright orange, yellow and red paper.  Click here for inspiration. Gather round the campfire once it’s finished and enjoy some stories and milk together.

Up in the Sky Crafts

We just love the theme of ‘Up in the Sky’. These crafts are perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers and there’s plenty to choose from. You can make the sky picture, or a cloud with rainbow, how about the moon, the stars or the sun? Take a look at all the craft ideas, here.

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