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Enjoy the Last of the Summer Weather

Posted by Lynette - on

Don't let the rain stop playtime!

Weather forecasters have made it clear that the chances of a late summer heatwave are now coming to an end. Luckily we still have at least one more week of warmer temperatures to enjoy but soon we’re going to have plenty of rainfall to look forward to and much cooler weather. Over the next few days you might want to make the most of the sun and enjoy the sandpit in the garden and sunny walks in the park before you need to dig out the willies and umbrellas.

Enjoying the UK in the Rain

As plenty of rainfall is expected it’s a good idea to think up some fun games and activities to enjoy in the home. Sort out the toy box and ensure you have lots of activities that you can keep your little one amused with when the heavens open and the heavy rainfall comes down. However, it’s important to remember there’s plenty of outdoor fun to be had even when it’s raining. Here are a few ideas:

  • Jumping in puddles – you’ll need your willies and some waterproofs!
  • Feeding the ducks – ducks don’t mind the rain so why should you
  • Walk in the woods – listen to the rain as it hits the top of the trees
  • Count the snails – how many snails can be counted on your path?
  • Collect the rain – just how much rain is falling anyway?
  • Play in the sand – what happens to sand when it rains anyway?

We have too much rain in the UK to let it stop us from going outside.  If you think up fun things to do when the rain is falling, you’ll find autumn to be one of the most fun filled seasons of the year.

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