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Have You Discovered Woolly and Tig?

Posted by Lynette - on

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Woolly and Tig have been around since 2012 when the show was first aired on CBeebies. The show is aimed at pre-school children, helping them understand the concept of ‘self’.  The show covers the emotions that are experienced when children have new experiences by following around Tig, a three year old girl and her toy spider Woolly. Tig has all sorts of experiences that end in fun and laughter after the initial nerves have settled. The feelings that are explored include jealousy, fear, sadness and anger.

Poseable Woolly!

The show has been developed with the help of Dr Martin Williams, a consultant physiologist, who has helped provide guidance for showing the different feelings Tig experiences. The idea is to give parents and carers some useful aid when they are helping children cope with new emotions and new experiences.

As far as pre-school children are concerned the show is fun and positive and they love it! We’re also huge fans of Woolly and Tig here at Golden Bear Toys We have a collection of Woolly toys for children aged 10 months and over.  Has your child discovered this funny educational show yet? 

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