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Fun Ways to Warm Up the Kids

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Keep the kids warm and the heating off for a little longer

Many home owners in the UK have been contemplating turning on the heating this week. While the temperatures have dropped many people aren't quite ready to turn up the thermostat just yet. If you want to put off using your heating for a while longer here are some fun ideas you can use to keep the children happy and warm.

Play Simon Says!

Simon Says is a great game that will get the heart pumping and warm everyone up in the home. One person acts as Simon and the other people in the room need to copy what Simon’s actions However, they only copy Simon if the phrase ‘Simon says’ is used first.  If a person follows an action and the leader didn’t say ‘Simon says’ first then they are out of the game.

Make a Den

Bring down plenty of sheets, blankets and pillows and build a den in the living room. Make sure it’s nice and snug inside. On cold nights you can let your children watch their favourite shows on TV like Mr Tumble or In the Night Garden in the warmth of the den. They are even cosier if you hand out some hot water bottles too!

Go Out for a Walk

Wrap the children up and take them for a walk to the shops or down to the local woods or park. Let them run around and have some fun. Exercise gets the blood pumping and makes you feel a lot warmer. The house will also appear a lot warmer once you get back in as well. 

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