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Encourage Good Behaviour with these Simple Steps

Posted by Lynette - on

There are several known strategies that are known to help encourage good behaviour in children. All of them are based around the idea that you are both on the same team. Here are two useful strategies you can use to improve the problem if you're fed up of arguing with your child each day.

Positive Feedback

If you have a child that misbehaves frequently it can be easy to focus on all the unpleasant behaviour. By doing so you can become down cast and fed up and your child will feel as if everything they do is wrong. Try and focus on putting the strong bond between you back on track by focusing on the good behaviour, not the bad. Provide the child with plenty of positive feedback throughout the day such as praising on the choice of colours used in a picture.  Your child will pick up on the fact that when they do good things they get your attention

Becoming a Booster

Micromanaging your child’s life can lead to conflict. You must try and become a booster, letting them achieve new steps and goals by testing out their own abilities. Let your child have some control over their lives by doing tasks such as picking out their own clothes for the day or working out how to open their own juice box.

When you can and when it’s safe to do so allow your child the time and freedom to accomplish their own little tasks. When you step in to take control of the situation you can end up knocking your child's confidence. Stand back and allow your child the opportunity to give it their best shot, you'll be amazed at what they can achieve and remember practice makes perfect!


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