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Great Gift Ideas for Christmas

Posted by Lynette - on

Great stocking fillers from Golden Bear Toys

We know you probably won’t appreciate us talking about Christmas just yet. But although it may feel like Christmas is a while off it’s actually less than three months away, for many of us there are only two pay checks standing in the way between now and then! Therefore if you want to spread the cost it’s a good time to start planning early.

We have plenty of excellent gift ideas for you to consider, here are just a few of our best sellers that the children adore!

  • Woolly and Tig toys have been a huge hit. We've had a positive response to the Jumbo Woolly Snuggle Friend over on our Facebook page. We love to see your photos and thank everyone who has sent a happy Woolly being snuggled by his new best friend in the world. Woolly will make a brilliant present for all fans of Woolly and Tig!
  • One Direction fans won’t be disappointed with the brilliant One Direction Dog Tags now available here at Golden Bear Toys. You can either treat your 1D fan to the entire set (Dog Tags are priced at £6.99) or treat them to the tag of their favourite band member. They are brilliant stocking fillers!
  • Shoulder Buddies are great little collectables and they make brilliant gifts for your children’s friends or as stocking fillers. Each Shoulder Buddy has his or her own personality and they come in a range of colours with unique patterns on their tummies.  At just £4.99 they are fun and affordable for all children aged 4 and over.  

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