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How to Help Your Toddler Give up the Dummy

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Help Your Toddler Give up the Dummy!

Some toddlers find it easy to give up their dummy. The parents simply stop giving it to them and there are no tantrums or trauma to deal with. Other toddlers don’t take the removal of the dummy quite so easily and this can cause some issues.  There are a few approached you can try if you’re struggling with the dummy problem.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Weaning off children who aren't ready to go cold turkey is a good solution. Decide one sleep time or situation where the dummy is allowed. It could be at nap time or when settling down to watch a television show towards the end of the day. Pick one time and stick to it. You could also try the every other night approach to show it is possible to sleep without the dummy and to build up confidence and contentment in your child.

The Dummy Fairy

You could introduce the dummy fairy. The dummy fairy comes to children who leave their dummy under the pillow. In return for the dummy the fairy leaves behind a new toy! This can be an excellent way of removing the dummy as children can happily say goodbye to their dummy when they know they will be receiving a toy, especially if it’s one they've shown a lot of interest in.

Reading Stories

There are books written for children that can be useful such as I Want my Dummy written by Tony Ross and The Last Noo-Noo by Jill Murphy. It’s a good way of showing children that it is possible to live without the dummy and move on! 

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