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Interesting In the Night Garden Facts

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Interesting In the Night Garden Facts

In the Night Garden is hugely popular with children and adults alike. It’s the perfect show to watch before the bed time routine, it helps to relax, calm and educate and entertain, what’s not to love? If your household settles down to watch In the Night Garden religiously perhaps you would like to know more about it, so here are a few facts to get your teeth into.

  • In the Night Garden was launched in 2007. Now it’s a global show airing in 36 different countries and it has been translated into 19 languages!
  • The live action sequences are filmed in a real Warwickshire wood.
  • The creator of In the Night Garden was Andrew Davenport. He wrote all the episodes and composed all the music in the show.
  • Andrew Davenport was also the co-creator if the Teletubbies along with Anne Wood.
  • Andrew Davenport studied Speech Sciences at University College London
  • The first 100 episodes of In the Night Garden were produced all at once within a six month period.
  • Andrew Davenport joined Ragdoll Productions where he worked as a puppeteer and a writer for Tots TV.
  • In China the show became the most popular children’s television programme when it was launched in 2009.
  • In 2011 In the Night Garden opened an educational centre in China where the children can go and play with the characters from the show I a fun educational environment.
  • You can find lots of fun and educational In the Night Garden Toys here at Golden Bear.

What do you love most about In the Night garden?

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