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Great Educational Television Shows for Children

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Great Educational Television Shows for Children

Everyone needs to relax after a busy day, even energetic toddlers. Television can be relaxing, fun and educational There are lots of excellent children’s television shows that can help pre-school children learn all sorts of things from counting to phonics and even emotions. Here are some of our favourites from Cbeebies.

Something Special

Thanks to Mr Tumble and his loveable character and use of Makaton sign language Something Special has become one of the most acclaimed children’s television shows.  There is a very simple format and there are all sorts of topics that are covered such as colours and the weather. With repetition playing an important role in the show it’s a brilliant way to educate children and encourage children to learn.

Come Outside

Who can resist the charms of the loveable Pippin. Pippin is a mischievous dog who lives with his owner, Aunty Mabel. Aunty Mabel flies a plane with Pippin in tow and they head off to learn all sorts of things such as how things are made, how things work and where things come from.

In the Night Garden

In the Night Garden is aimed at very young children. Using dancing, songs and short stories children can learn thanks again to the use of repetition. What children learn from In the Night Garden is to love and care for each other unconditionally, to use their imagination, appreciation of the world around them and to understand that everyone is different.

What television shows do your children love to watch? 

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