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When Toddlers Attack - Part One

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Tantrums and Toddlers

The Terrible Twos, Tantrums and Tactics

Babies are great when they’re fresh aren’t they?  Then they start to grow up and, at some point, roughly two years in, they turn into little monsters.  Arguably this phase can last for the next sixteen years and in time you’ll get used to it.  However, for new mums (and dads) the onset of the terrible twos can be something of a shock. 

What’s the Problem?

Around the age of two toddlers develop a sense of identity.  With this increased self-awareness there also comes the desire to make decisions for themselves, and the very obvious desire not to be ordered about by lesser beings all the time.  This is essentially the root cause of the tantrum.  Unfortunately they don’t yet possess a full set of communication skills which aid in the making and expressing of informed decisions such as “I look fat in that top and simply don’t want to wear it”.  Such sentiments are more easily expressed by screaming at the top of your voice and demonstrating to the world in general that their parent’s parenting skills lack the skill element almost completely. 

It’s Not You – It’s Them

The problem is that as tantrums can occur in even the most public of places and you’ll end up feeling crushed and inadequate.  New parents, in particular, feel that they’ve scored a massive “fail” and should crawl away into some darkened hole.  Don’t; it’s not you it’s them!  Learn to read the signs and understand that choice is a great healer. 

Return on Wednesday for a few simple survival tips!  

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