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When Toddlers Attack - Part Two

Posted by Lynette - on

When Toddlers Attack! #Tips

Spotting the Signs

  • Tired and hungry toddlers are most likely to go ballistic; these signs are fairly easy to read and can be usually combated with some success.
  • Stress will set off a tantrum in no time at all; rushing toddlers is usually one way to up their stress levels.  Whether it’s rushing them to dress, eat or to behave themselves, any hurried demands (or obvious stress on your part) will often push them over the edge. 
  • Distressed toddlers are likely to throw their toys out of the pram like no other.  Sudden changes in routine or leaving them with others are the most common causes.  Prepare toddlers for changes or your own absences and ensure they’re comfortable about these as the time approaches.

Combat Ready Parenting

  • Despite your best efforts tantrums will still occur.  Don’t try to reason with a child mid-tantrum, logic has left the building by this point.  Simple, dishonest diversionary tactics (cuddles/favourite toys/new toys) are the best option.
  • Offer choices; “would you prefer the blue, slimming T-shirt or the red T-shirt?” Introducing choice/control for a toddler strikes at the very root of most tantrums. 
  • Remember that this apparent character assassination job on your toddler’s part is not actually aimed at you.  It is, for better or worse, a key part in childhood development and one that nearly all parents have to deal with.  Try to stay calm, offer choices and don’t become stressed yourself!

The good news is that in general the terrible twos will pass and a period of calm should ensue until at least the early teenage years; dealing with toddler tantrums is something of a learning curve and one that will stand you in good stead when it comes to the Jekyll and Hyde teenage years! 


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