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The Big Digger Truck; London’s Latest Attraction?

Posted by Lynette - on

All Children Love Dozer Dan!

I spent a couple of days in London this summer with my four year old niece, introducing her to the famous sights including the Tower, the Palace, London Zoo, the Underground and the Big Digger Truck.  No, don’t get excited, this is not some new Boris-inspired attraction it just happened to be the highlight of the trip as far as this four year old girl was concerned.  I can’t say I noticed it myself; it was just another truck on one of London’s permanent building sites. 

Mummy’s Little Construction Worker

However, it proved a timely reminder that, while the toy industry continues to ‘gender’ children’s toys, children are determinedly ignorant of what they should be playing with!  Thankfully Lizzie’s parents don’t care if she prefers Dan Dozer and her younger brother prefers Chloe’s Closet, and really didn’t mind that the cultural highlight of the trip suggests that one day she’ll likely become a construction worker. 

Low Investments and Big Returns

While some parents, perhaps, still get alarmed at their child’s complete lack of cultural stereotyping most, today, understand that play is an integral part of child development and that whatever the toy, the process is the most important.  Quality counts, though, when it comes to toys.  Games, dolls and toys that inspire, are interactive and above all fun, are what is important.  Also, perhaps, my expensive trip to London is also a reminder that simple and affordable toys can provide as much inspiration as tiring, expensive and nerve racking trips with younger relatives!  

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