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Toys to Encourage Talking

Posted by Lynette - on

Why are talking toys good for children?

Talking toys, children love them! A talking toy is almost as good as bring their favourite characters to life at home. At Golden Bear we have several talking toys in our collections, one of the latest releases being the loveable Talking Igglepiggle Soft Toy from our In the Night Garden Collection. But what makes talking toys so good?

For the children all they care about is hugging and playing with their favourite character as we said. They hear the voice they recognise off the television show or DVD and immediately the toy can appear magical, as if it comes to life. As a result they will often repeat what the toy says, talk back to the toy or simply laugh and gain great pleasure from it.

Now adults may not be quite so fond of hearing phrases repeated but knowing that there are educational advantages does make even the most irritating talking toys bearable. You see toys that talk help children to develop the vocabulary skills and their imagination too. Language development starts at home and anything you can do to support this development is great news for your child. So if you’re fed up of hearing the same sentences repeated just remember that children learn through repetition and your child loves their chatty character! 

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