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Making Waiting Fun

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Waiting games for bored toddlers

No one likes to wait for things, especially small toddlers who just want to have some fun and get on with their day! Waiting can be tedious and result in a tantrum or two, something that all parents want to avoid at all costs. So, to pass the time of waiting we have a few waiting games that can be played so before your toddler knows it the waiting will be over and they can get back to what they love ding best, toddling.

Waiting at Restaurants, on Planes and at the Doctors Surgery

A lot of child free diners don’t like to find their restaurant is also serving little cheeky monsters. Often the reason for this is because they have had past experiences when a frustrating child has ended up having a screaming fit because they are bored. Here are some games you can play to avoid this happening with your little angel:

  • Roll up a piece of tissue into a ball and ask for a couple of straws. Use the straws to blow the ball across the table, like straw tennis!
  • Always carry some crayons and a colouring in book for such emergencies. If you don’t have a colouring in book use a napkin to draw around items you have on you, draw your child a puzzle to trace around or a picture to colour in. You can also make rubbings of coins and other objects.
  • If you have a small child in a high chair you can keep them very amused with an ice cube – let your child push it around on their tray, but watch that they don’t put it in their mouth.
  • Sorting is always good fun so use what is around you and let your child do some organising. Mix snack packs are good for this game but you can also use coins, salt and sugar packs, and magazines – pretty much anything.
  • Guessing games are good – what hand is the coin in? I Spy, What am I holding behind my back? What’s missing?
  • Take a secret favourite toy! Your child probably likes to take at least one toy out with them but they can still get bored. Sneak a second and possibly third toy into your bag and make sure your little one doesn’t spot it until you’re ready for the big reveal!

What games do you play to avoid tantrums when waiting? 

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