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Clever Mums Raise Money for Christmas Shopping

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Raising money for Christmas presents

If money is tight you may be wondering how you’re going to budget for all the brand new toys your children are hoping for this Christmas. As there are a few weeks left here are a few tips from savvy mums who find ways of raising money so the present shopping doesn’t have to come out of the monthly budget. See if you can pick up any fresh ideas:

  • Clear out the children’s wardrobes and gather all the clothes that have been outgrown but are still in great condition. These can be sold online using auction websites or social media channels. Don’t forget to look for other items including shoes, coats and fancy dress costumes.
  • Clear out the toy box and gather all the toys that your child has outgrown or become bored with. These can be sold online and if you have the box you will get more money.
  • Enter competitions to win toys. Twitter and Facebook are full of competition and you never know you could be a winner. Remember to enter our monthly competition too right here at Golden Bear Toys.

How do you raise extra money for Christmas? 

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