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Halloween Fun for Toddlers

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Halloween fun activities for Toddlers


Halloween is nearly here. Many youngsters enjoyed parties over the weekend but there’s still plenty of fun left to be had, and the trick or treating of course. If you’re getting into the spirit of things we have some two activities for toddlers who love to dress up and have Halloween fun!

Decorating Halloween Biscuits and Cupcakes

Baking is always fun and decorating is often the best bit, other than eating the sweet treats of course. All you need is plenty of icing sugar, some great food colours such as oranges, greens, reds and blacks and some treats to place on top. Let your children go wild, you can inspire them by making spooky faces and decorating the cupcake with spider webs but at the end of the day just let their imagination go wild!

Cotton Wool Ghosts

Decorating the home and the front door for Thursday is a wonderful way of getting into the party spirit. If you decorate the outside of your home you’re also more likely to attract those children in the neighbourhood who want to raid your sweet jar. To make the cotton wool ghosts all you need is some white card, glue and black paint along with some wool to hang them up with. Cut out the shape of the ghost and cover it with cotton wool balls. Paint on two eyes and a mouth and attach the wool to the back of the card and there you have it – a spooky ghost ready to hang.

Are you going to decorate your home for Halloween?


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