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Exclusive Toy Bundles- Perfect Christmas Presents for Pre-schoolers

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Make Christmas easy and safe money with our exclusive bundle offers. You won’t find these deals anywhere else! Here are some of the top favourite bundles for Christmas that your child will love.

Twirlywoos Super Bundle – Save £16

Love Twirlywoos? You can’t get a much better gift than our Golden Bear Toys exclusive Twirlywoos bundle. Aimed at children aged 10 months and over, it comes packed full of incredible presents for fans of the show. Included in the bundle are:

  • Talking GreatBigHoo
  • Talking Toodloo
  • Talking Chickedy
  • Talking Chick
  • Peeking Peekaboo Soft Toy
  • Fun Sounds Quacky Bird
  • Talking VIP Lady

Treat your child to the whole gang or use the savings to buy gifts for multiple children in one shop.  Learn more about the individual Twirlywoos toys by clicking here.

In the Night Garden Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train and Pinky Ponk Bundle – Save £20

These are two of the most popular toys in our In the Night Garden Collection.  Let your child’s imagination run wild with the musical activity Pinky Ponk. It has over 7 activities to entertain your child, including songs, counting and stories.  This toy is suitable for children 12 months and over.

The Ninky Nonk Musical Activity Train has 5 gun carriages, each with a different activity and features. It measures 78cm long and is perfect for playtime and for bedtime too.  The carriages all link together and can be pulled along, encouraging walking and being active. The design is also perfect to help your little ones’ fine motor skills.  Learn more about the In the Night Garden bundle by clicking here.

V-Dub Stylies Bundle – Save £5

Give your little V-Dub fan the perfect gift this Christmas. The bundle comes with 6 classic VW vehicles. Each of the vehicles can be customised with the themed sticker sheets. Find out more about the V-Dubs bundle by clicking here.






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