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How to Help Children Sleep During Heat Waves

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

The forecasters have been teasing us with some warmer temperatures for next week. While most of us enjoy the prospect of the sun, many people struggle with sleeping during the hotter evenings, children included. Today we’re sharing some tips on how to help you little ones get a comfortable night sleep.

  1. Play outside during the day – remembering to be sun safe and drink plenty of fluids. Outside play helps to promote a good sleep, it uses up energy and sunlight can help to regulate sleep-wake schedules too. Grab some outside toys, such as our My First JCB range, slap on the sun cream and head for the shade.
  2. Prepare the bedroom. Take off the duvet and replace it with a clean cotton sheet on very hot nights. Keep the blinds or curtains shut during the day time and open the windows during the night.
  3. Place a fan near the window to help circulate the air, but out of the reach of your child. Be careful of the cord placement too.
  4. Bring your child indoors at the usual time and shut out the light inside the home. Biological clocks are light regulated and darkness releases melatonin in the body, which makes us sleepy. Avoid natural light during the night time as well as artificial lights.
  5. Lullabies never go out of fashion. Play their favourite lullabies quietly and avoid any excitement. Keep things quiet and peaceful. Our In the Night Garden Glowing Bedtime Makka Pakka makes the perfect bedtime buddy.  Makka Pakka sings a gentle lullaby and his tummy softly glows in different colours.
  6. Story tapes and audio books are useful to help your child wind down after fun in the sun. Play the story about an hour before bedtime to help calm your child before bed.
  7. Many children lose their appetites during the hot weather. Keep dinner light and provide plenty of fresh water. Avoid any sugary foods and sweets.
  8. A cool flannel placed on the feet or on the forehead can help particularly restless children to cool down.

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