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How to Tire Out Your Toddler

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

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The summer holidays can be exhausting for mums and dads. There are always those days when all you want to do is relax in front of the television or get an early night but you find yourself constantly interrupted by restless toddlers that refuse to sleep. If you are hoping for a peaceful night try some of our tips on how to tire out an energetic toddler.

  1. Swimming is a fun activity that many children love, it’s also exercise that zaps up energy and promotes restful sleep. Visit the local swimming pool or Lido if the weather is warm. If you don’t have the energy to go out you can recreate the fun at home with a paddling pool and a sprinkler.
  2. Leave the stroller at home and the car parked in the driveway and go for a walk. Walk to the local shops, walk to the park, walk around the neighbourhood. Walk everywhere for a day or borrow a dog from a friend. Just remember to allocate plenty of time for you to get places and perform your tasks.
  3. Now cleaning might sound like a bore but many toddlers enjoy helping you with chores. Tidy the bedroom, sort through the toys and the toy box, move the bed around, put on clean sheets and encourage your toddler to help with each step. Take the toys to the local charity shop or nursery at the end of the day. Your toddler will have a lovely clean room to fall asleep in at the end of the busy day.
  4. Disco time. Get the family over and throw a disco. Play lots of music and dance the hours away.
  5. Get out in the fresh air. Fresh air will exhaust everyone. Spend the day in the garden planting flowers or easy to grow plants. Make an obstacle course, bounce on the trampoline, and spend a couple of hours at the park. Get plenty of fresh air and let your toddler run around and around until they can run no more. Finish with a healthy meal, a bath and a book and then sleep for hours.

How do you tire out your toddler?  Share your tips for other parents over on our Facebook page.



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