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Making Bedtime Easier

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Do you have a child aged 1 year or older that is keen on getting out of bed at times when they should be sound asleep? This is a common problem, especially during the transition stage between the cot and their first bed. You need not despair, we have the perfect sleeping aid that lets children know when it’s time to be in bed and when it’s time to get up and start the day.

Our Sleep Tight All Night collection is a range of soft cuddly toys that are the perfect bedtime companion, but that are also an excellent toy for daytime play and who can quickly become a friend to take on lots of outings.  Children love the Sleep Tight All Night collection of soft toys, but mums and dads are pretty keen too and that’s thanks to the way it helps children get to sleep at night and learn about the bedtime routine. Here’s how it works:

  1. You decide on the amount of time you would like your child to sleep – it’s like a very cute and quiet alarm clock. You can set it for as short or as long as possible, so it works for daytime naps and sleeping all night.
  2. Drifting off to sleep is made easier with a squeeze of the toy’s tummy. Once pressed, the tummy will glow a soft red and will start playing some soothing sounds to help lull your child to sleep. The red light lets your child know that it is night time and time to stay in bed – even if it’s still light outside. The tummy can also be pressed during the night to provide comfort when needed.
  3. Once the timer reaches the set time the tummy of the companion will begin to glow green. Green lets your child know that it’s time to get up and start the day.
  4. The daytime mode turns the bedtime toy into a playful companion. Fun character phrases are activated when the tummy is squeezed in the day time.

It’s a simple way of establishing the bedtime routine as well as giving your child a new favourite toy.  Learn all about the features of the Sleep Tight All Night toy collection, here.

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