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Parent Tips – First Day at Pre-School

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Many youngsters will be starting preschool or nursery for the first time. It can be an anxious time for parents, but there are a few things you can do to ease you both into the brand new schedule.  Read our tips for the first day below and please come and share your own tips with us over on our Facebook page.

  1. Spend the day before being active and getting plenty of fresh air. Get all the little jobs done (such as sewing in those pesky name labels) a few days before so you’re free to have fun together. Aim to have everyone worn out, ready for a great night’s sleep and an early start.
  2. Set your alarm for half an hour earlier than you think you need. Don’t snooze the alarm, get up so you have plenty of time for any small obstacles that might get in the way (Dad, I need the toilet!).
  3. Try to give yourself time to help your child settle if they’re feeling worried. Inform your work that you might run late so there’s no need to worry at the school gates.
  4. Hide your anxiety and emotions. Be confident and happy as these are the emotions you want your child to pick up on and carry on through their day.
  5. Say goodbye and explain you’ll be back in after lunch or in a few hours to collect them. Don’t sneak away.
  6. Don’t worry if your child clings to you. Speak to the helpers and staff and ask for assistance. Try and distract your child with activities and avoid running off. The staff will have plenty of advice for you.
  7. Don’t panic! It’s hard to say don’t worry but remember your concerns are totally natural.
  8. Don’t worry if your child isn’t full of stories at the end of their exciting day. Some children will say very little while others will chatter away about what they got up to.

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