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Twirlywoos Big Red Boat and Figure Bundle

Posted by Lynette Hammond on

Mums and dads are already beginning to think about the ‘C’ word. Planning ahead and buying presents in small batches is an excellent way of spreading the cost and removing some of the stress around the festive season. With that in mind, today we’re sharing with you the money saving bundle that all fans of the Twirlywoos will love to find under the tree this December.

The Twirlywoos toy bundle is exclusive to Golden Bear Toys, so you won’t find it anywhere else. The bundle includes the Twirlywoos Big Red Boat Playset and the Figurine Character Set and you save £10 by choosing the bundle over buying them separately.

The Big Red Boatset has been designed with development in mind and is perfect for imaginative play too. There are fun songs and sounds, plenty of activities and flashing lights too. The boat comes with Peekaboo and Great BigHoo figurines. The figurines character set includes Chick, Peekaboo, Chickedy, Toodloo and Great BigHoo. The figurines are durable and perfectly designed for little hands and plenty of play time. Each of the figurines is fully compatible with the Big Red Boatset.

The bundle is suitable for children over the age of 18 months. Learn more by watching the video below and clicking here.  

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