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New Plush from Golden Bear

Posted by Rachel Edge on

Golden Bear have a number of feature plush toys which will be launching this Autumn. 

The New Driver Dan’s Story Train range will be available in store this Autumn and includes feature plush toys which reflects the charisma and cuteness of the characters.

Driver Dan comes to life as a talking toy and he is perfect for cuddling, with a gentle squeeze to his tummy he will say one of five phrases.

Also available is Tallulah the Elephant who remembers everything and looks out for everyone – pull Tallulah along on her plastic base by the cord to see her sway from side to side. Squeeze Tallulah to hear her character phrases.

Sweetie, Precious and Driver Dan are available as soft toy collectables.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom also boast’s a range of plush feature toys. Ben, Holly and Nanny Plum are available as Talking soft toys, by squeezing the toys they will each say 5 different phrases.

The success continues for Fluttering Wings Holly, when the magic wand touches her crown watch her wings flutter and not forgetting Fetch Stick Gaston who shakes and barks.

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