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Creative Fun with Waybuloo

Posted by Rachel Edge on

Golden Bear are delighted to have acquired the Arts and Crafts license from RDF Rights (RDFR), part of the RDF Media Group, for the hit pre-school brand Waybuloo.
The range has been designed to promote creativity and develop children’s skills whilst bringing fun to creative play.
The Mini Dough Set enables children to create their own 3D pipling with the colourful dough. The piplings also feature as Sun Catchers, onto  which children can paint their favourite character, then hang in the window to watch the sun shine through.
The Cushion and Colouring Set is a soft cushion with a surprise of arts and craft supplies hidden within. This cushion is available in the characters De Li and Lau Lau and is easy to take on your travels.
With the 3D Pipling Picture Build children can add dimension to their creative fun. Simply colour in each section then build it into a fantastic 3 dimensional picture.
The Arts and Crafts range also comprises of Stamp and Colouring Set, Colour and Sticker Fun, Pipling Paint Fun, Stick-on Felts, Deluxe Art Set, Deluxe Painting fun and Magnetic Picture Build.
Waybuloo airs weekdays on BBC Two and everyday on Cbeebies and is produced by The Foundation, part of the RDF Media Group for CBeebies.
RDFR holds worldwide rights in all media for the property.

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