With the inside out, go out and about with a fashionable mini backpack that follows the cool catwalk trend of mini backpacks. But there’s more! With a twist of the wrist, you can zip it and flip it…Turn the baby-size bag outside in – and children discover an attractive, colourful cartoon animal!

Zipstas Zip Flip Wow


Zipstas Babies Wave 1

Zipstas Toys

  • TWO TOYS IN ONE double the fun! The Zipstas Mini Backpack turns inside out to become an adorable plush toy
  • MINI BACK-PACK is fantastic fun for girls or boys who want soft toys with a twist? Literally!
  • SUPER CUTE CUDDLY TOY: With the outside in, the two-in-one pack is a fluffy toy. Aged 10 Months Plus
  • IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: Kids love to take a bag and toy on holidays and days away? Do both with Zipstas!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Well-made novelty with durable zipper. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic; 100% safe
Zipstas Babies Wave 1