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Funlockets Secret Surprise Treasure Hunt Tower with Jewellery and Charms


  • £3499

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New for 2019. Funlockets Secret treasure hunt is the ultimate Funlockets experience! Surprises within surprises - hidden doors within doors - surprises golore - hidden trapdoors - inlaid gems to pull and twist... Each drawer, door, trapdoor etc has a little mystery for you to solve: crack the code and you can then pull the gem to release the golden key. There's lots of fun activities with this secret treasure hunt: spin the secret wall to find the key hidden behind, open the small door hidden behind the big door, find the key hidden inside the keycharm etc... Your ultimate Goal is to find the golden key to open the golden padlock that will enable you to get all your jewels hidden in the lid and wear all your charms. A fantastic game of puzzle solving and surprise discovery.

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