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Duggee's Adventure Bus

Duggee's Adventure Bus

Hey Duggee

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Airing on CBeebies, Hey Duggee promotes fun, exercise, learning and even more fun! The show is based around a children’s after school group called The Squirrel Club, which loveable dog Duggee is the leader of and provides a safe and fun place for children to explore, learn and earn activity badges.
Kids can use their imagination for lots of creative roleplay with the Duggee Adventure Bus. There are so many places to explore with the Squirrels! Betty the Octopus and Happy the Crocodile (others sold separately) as well as lots of picnic accessories. Little ones will have endless fun with the basket, food, blanket and radio- what songs are the Squirrels listening to? The rear storage compartment allows all the accessories to be neatly put away and more importantly never get lost!
A plastic seesaw is also included- the Squirrels fit into the seats for lots of playground fun. There is also a swing that clips onto the side of the bus- turning the scene into the perfect park where you can play with the Squirrels all day long!
Pull the bus along and take it wherever they go and Duggee’s ears flap up and down as the bus moves, causing endless fun and giggles! The seats can also be removed-place them on the roof, the floor or anywhere to carry on the imaginative fun. For added laughter- push Duggee’s hat down and the trap door opens- hilarity will ensure as everything on the roof falls into the bus! Suitable from 3+ years

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