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Igglepiggle with Wind-Up Musical Boat

In The Night Garden

  • £2499

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Ideal sleep aid to help with that all-important bedtime routine! Iggle Piggle has super-soft ‘mallow like’ filling making him super squishy and perfect for bedtime cuddles! Iggle Piggle holds his iconic blanket and comes with a traditional wind-up musical boat. Gently rotate the sail to hear it play the In the Night Garden theme tune. The boat has a soft fabric cover with beautiful embroidered detailing and looks just like IgglePiggle’s boat in the show. The soft, calming music and cuddly Iggle Piggle Soft Toy will help little ones relax and gently drift off to sleep! The Iggle Piggle Soft Toy is the perfect travel companion for little ones and the boat is small and portable. The traditional wind-up mechanism means no batteries are needed so the charming and relaxing In the Night Garden theme tune can be enjoyed over and over again. Whether you are looking for a Birthday gift, Christmas gift or another event, the In The Night Garden Iggle Piggle with Wind-Up Musical Boat is perfect from birth.

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