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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

An introduction from our General Manager

"At Golden Bear Products Ltd we understand the importance of being a responsible company, both to our employees, our customers, our suppliers and to the local community. We are working hard to ingrain corporate responsibility at every level of our business to ensure both a successful and sustainable future.

Corporate responsibility is crucial to Golden Bear as our end users are children. This means not only do we have to continuously design and manufacture toys of impeccable quality but also to have a positive impact on the environment and the communities that our products are made in."

Barry Hughes
General Manager


Ethical Sourcing

Golden Bear are dedicated to ensuring all products are ethically sourced. To ensure this we work with the ICTI CARE Process. The ICTI CARE Process has been designed to meet the specific needs of the toy industry in ensuring that products are sourced from factories that meet appropriate ethical standards.

Golden Bear employ staff in both the UK and Hong Kong who monitor factory standards and information, this is feed back to our customers upon request.


Golden Bear are proud supporters of the Toy Trust and their various charity events varying from runs to bike rides and raft building. These sponsored events help to raise money for extremely worthy causes for children at home and abroad.

The Community

Apart from supporting many local events over the years Golden Bear are also supporters of national level initiatives such as the 2014 make Time 2 Play campaign.

Our Employees

Providing a safe and happy working environment for all employees, ensuring clear communication and a positive approach.


Golden Bear Toys:

  • Are a member of the Business Environmental Support Scheme for Telford (BESST)
  • Recycle all office paper where possible
  • Have a dedicated Green Team
  • Are actively reducing packaging to minimise material use and waste
  • Optimise profit through efficiency