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Flossi the Flamingo

Flossi the Flamingo


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Its time to Sass is up with the latest dancing craze, cue the Sassimals! Meet Flossi, the Flamingo brimming with attitude and sass. Flossi has two fun modes- talk back and dance! Press the microphone on Flossi's foot for talkback- she will repeat what you say in a sassy, silly voice as her neck wiggles around. The hilarious voice will have little ones (and big ones) laughing for hours! Flossi has a music note on her other foot- press this for 3 exclusive Sassimal songs that are guaranteed to get everyone up dancing and ready to sass it up!

Flossi’s neck dances and wildly wiggles and kids will love imitating the super sassy swirling neck whilst dancing along to the super catchy music. With long, fluffy fabric, lots of bright colours and a neck that never quits- its time to Sass it up with Flossi the Flamingo! Suitable for all ages approx. Approx 32cm tall.

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