Farty Freddie

Farty Freddie


The Pass The Parcel Farting Game. Hilarious, novelty game for kids, friends and family from 4+.

Simple gameplay so everyone can join in – it’s as easy as pass the parcel.

Play with two people or many more – great for groups.

The biggest, longest fart makes Freddie shake all over.

Freddie comes with replaceable batteries – play game after game for endless entertainment.


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Pass Freddie round – when the music stops, will he fart, giggle or burp? A huge vibrating trump means you’re out! Just squish Freddie’s belly button to see what noise he’ll make. A huge vibrating trump means you’re out! Just a little fart and you keep on playing. When Freddie burps, skip the person next to you. Giggles mean you reverse the direction you’re passing him in. Farty Freddie is suitable for age 4+ and comes with replaceable batteries included.