Squirty Gertie

Squirty Gertie


  • Hilarious, active game for kids from 3+
  • Easy gameplay so everyone can join in
  • Competition and turn-taking encourages sociable play
  • No batteries needed – just fill with tap water
  • Robust Gertie toy with splash mat to stop water going everywhere
  • Kids can’t get enough of Gertie’s hilarious, random squirting
  • Age Suitability: 3 years +
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One wrong moo-ve can get you squirted! Play Squirty Gertie with two or more players from 3+ for hilarious, splashy pedal pumping fun.

Gertie is a silly, squirty cow who gives you two games in one. Challenge one other player to pedal fastest and hit the timer – whoever loses gets squirted! Or play a turn-taking game of chance with family and friends. Use the spinner to find out how many pumps each player gets – only Gertie knows who’s going to get squirted!

Kids of all ages can’t wait to have a go and challenge their friends. You can choose to pump the pedal with your hands or your feet to make the game as active as you want. Squirty Gertie is solidly built for fast and exciting games where everyone can join in. There are no complicated rules – get started straight away!
Play indoors on a rainy day – there’s a wipeable splash mat to stop water going everywhere. Or take Gertie outside to splash and play outdoors.

Squirty Gertie is a great way for kids to use up some energy pumping the pedal and jumping back when the water splashes! There are no batteries needed – all you have to do is fill Gertie up with water from the tap. There are no electronic sounds – all you’ll hear are giggles and laughter as everyone takes their turn at getting squirted!