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We’re not just a team, we’re family.

We support each other to achieve common goals, whilst having fun together and embracing different skills and experience.
Meet some of our team below and learn about their all-time, fave toys!
Barry Hughes MD

Barry Hughes - Managing Director

So so many to choose from.  If I am truly honest the one toy that I devoted most hours to was Logacta.  Advertised in Shoot Magazine in the late 70s, early 80s it basically allowed you to recreate whole football seasons by throwing weighted dice.  It was effectively an analogue version of the modern-day FIFA game or Championship or Football Manager.

Don’t think modern kids would go for it, but it has probably helped me interrogate spreadsheets and databases during my working life!

Becs McGill

Becs McGill - Finance

When I was a baby in a pushchair my Grandad walked me all over. We were sent out with quite a few Puffalumps but always returned with less than what we left with. I had loads in a range of colours. It's a story my Grandad loves to tell.

So a few years ago I managed to get this Puffalump off eBay and gave it to him as a Christmas present and he cried at the memory!

So as much as this is not one of the original Puffalumps, it holds a lot of sentimental value that I can now pass down to my children.

David Mapp

David Mapp - Product Team

Big loader was one of the biggest selling toys in the 1970’s.

This was the main present I had for Christmas in 1977 from my parents.

I can still remember opening this up on Christmas morning and feeling so excited. I remember setting it up with my Dad and played with it until the batteries ran flat.

Last year my parents were clearing out their loft and found it along with some of my other toys. I had the same excitement when I was reunited with my favourite toy from my childhood.

Classic toys stand the test of time and this is still on sale in Argos 43 years later.

Nicky McBride

Nicky McBride - Customer Service

This is Toby age 43 years!  Given to me at 3 months old by my Grandad. I am proud to say he is a misshaped bear that was going to be binned – I (well, my grandad) rescued him!

From childhood through to adulthood Toby has slept with me every night – and remains to do so!!  Every holiday I go on – Toby comes.  Toy Fair,  Factory trips: India and China/Hong Kong – Toby has seen the world with me!

Toby is far too precious to be dumped in a suitcase so ALWAYS travels in hand luggage with me.  A few years back during a holiday aboard my hand luggage got searched………out they picked Toby! Needless to say every holiday thereafter,  Toby gets put into the husband's rucksack – I am sure at 65 they would understand my husband taking a teddy on holiday!

Saskia Hamilton

Saskia Hamilton - International

I think my all-time favourite toy has to be the Tamagotchi.

When I moved to the United States when I was 5-years-old I had to leave all my toys behind in the move. Bratz and Barbies didn’t interest me at this age but I always had a love for taking care of animals.

My mom went to Walmart and saw the Tamagotchi and felt this would help me adjust in the moving process. As I got to take care of my virtual pet it created a passion for animals.

Even since I received my first Tamagotchi I always wanted to take care of all animals that I came across.

Charlotte Mabutt - Graphics

Meet Stitch! I got him from Disney world Florida aged 7 and he's been by my side ever since. I was obsessed with plush and collected 9 teddies to bring back home from America.

Stitch was my favourite. He's not so fluffy and silky soft anymore as he's been through the washing machine many times.

His head is a bit squashed and misshapen, perhaps from falling asleep on him every night throughout my childhood, but that's what makes him mine. He's the perfect size for a cuddle, even now, and his big floppy ears are just too cute!

Dave Hurdley

Dave Hurdley - Warehouse

This is a photo of one of the toys I had growing up as a youngster in the 1960's.

Yes, it's Sooty, and my mom had taken me to Oakengates Town hall to watch Harry Corbett and his Sooty show.

I did get to meet him after the show as I have both his and Sooty's autograph from that day.

My hand-puppet was safely put away for many years until it was handed down in the 90's to my niece and nephew.

Emma Graham

Emma Graham - HR

This is Tigger.  Tigger is almost 41 years old and has been in my family for two generations.

He was my brother's childhood teddy bear from birth and subsequently enjoyed by his two children, Isabella and Jacob, along with my own son Roman.  Tigger is still a very much loved member of both of our families, despite seeing better days!

Thankfully our experts at Golden Bear believe they may be able to restore him to his former glory; something my mother would get much happiness from.

Kathy Lesser

Kathy Lesser - Brand

I had quite a collection of Sindy Dolls and I thought they were fantastic as they were the first dolls I had that didn't look like a baby.

I love dressing them up in different outfits.

Sindy was so elegant, I wanted to be just like her (what went wrong!) and Sindy Ballerina with her beautiful tutu was by far my favourite.

Tor Williams

Tor Williams - Sewing and Design

My Nan bought me a Baby Born when I was around 3, I used to love taking her on my many walks in her little pushchair.

I changed her bum and fed her with a spoon that had retractable food which amazed me!

But my favourite part was tucking her into bed with her little blanket and dummy and singing her a lullaby to sleep. If only that worked for my daughter!

Becky Matthews

Becky Matthews - Sales

HRH is my oldest and most precious toy. He is looking a little worst for wear now after 38 years of play. Amazing really as I am only 21!

He was given to me by my uncle to commemorate the birth of Prince William to Charles and Diana. Hence how he got his name HRH.

He still has a working soundbox that is activated by turning him upside down (wouldn’t we all have something to say about that!) and his articulated arms and legs are all still intact. A high-quality toy that has stood the test of time.