Bing toys

Bing is a typical three-year-old who is lovable, energetic and curious. He wants to have a go at everything, which can sometimes lead to little mishaps, but with Flop’s help, Bing always finds his feet again. Adapted for television from the original books by Ted Dewan, Bing celebrates the noisy, joyful, messy reality of pre-school life.

Bed-time Bing with Owly is the perfect sleepy-time companion. Owly features gentle lights and soft sounds in a show that helps your little one drift off to sleep. Suitable for babies as young as those aged 10 months up.

This effective nightlight is based on the lead character from the much-loved CBeebies show, Bing! At bedtime, Bing with Owly is the ideal companion for any young fan? Here Bing wears his baby-blue pyjamas, instantly recognisable as those in the BBC TV show: there’s even an embroidered Hoppity on his top.

Switch on light-show Owly to activate an array of soothing, softly-coloured lights. Projects stars, a moon and a Hoppity image onto the wall or ceiling. If you wish to add music, you can! Control the volume from the base: play gentle sound all-around to help your little Bingster drift off.

Finally, you can separate Bing and use him as a soft toy? While Owly sits on a shelf or bedside table, your little one can cuddle Bing. This set is perfect for that all-important bedtime routine, and getting a child off to sleep is, of course, a gift to any parent!

Connect with Bing

Bing is a ground-breaking television series, adapted specially for television from the original books by Ted Dewan. Like all three-year-olds, Bing is energetic, playful and curious and engaged with the world around him. Bing stories are small, but they are full of drama; everyday dramas that all young children and the grown-ups in their lives will recognise. Produced by Acamar Films in collaboration with Dublin-based studio Brown Bag Films, Bing is available to view on CBeebies, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and other digital platforms.