Bing Lights and Sounds Fire Engine

Race to the Rescue: Join Bing and his trusty Fire Engine as they dash to the scene of the emergency! Whether it’s a pretend fire or a daring rescue mission, this toy is ready for action.

Lights and Sounds: Watch your child’s eyes light up as they activate the flashing lights and realistic siren sounds on the Bing Lights and Sounds Fire Engine. It’s like having a real fire truck in their hands!

Endless Imaginative Play: With this toy, your child can become a hero, a firefighter, or even Bing himself! Encourage their creativity and storytelling abilities as they embark on exciting adventures.




It’s fun to play and imagine with Bing’s Fire Engine. Role play at being a fire fighter – the poseable Bing figurine can sit in the bucket at the top of the ladder and rescue friends who are stuck in high places. The ladder extends and rotates 180 degrees. Bing can also sit in in the cab to play at being the driver. Open up the doors at the back to see inside the compartments.