Biteysaurus Bing


  • Contents: Bing soft toy wearing Biteysaurus outfit, mini Biteysaurus toy and a dinosaur head mask for Bing
  • Place Biteysaurus near Bing’s left hand to activate roaring sounds
  • Bing includes his iconic Biteysaurus soft toy
  • Soft and colourful tactile fabrics
  • Our toys are designed to stimulate a child’s imagination
  • Imaginary and interactive play


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The ever-popular Bing’s snuggly soft delight in his Biteysaurus costume! Here, Biteysaurus Bing wears snug green pyjamas, removable mask and slippers to look like his toy dinosaur, Biteysaurus. But there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Press Bing’s right hand and you’re sure to find more fun. You can hear sounds and phrases from the TV show. Put the detachable Biteysaurus toy near Bing’s left hand for more sounds! The high-quality costume and easy-to-activate sounds make this a great addition to any Bing fans collection.

Beautifully made and wonderfully colourful in fleecy soft and textured fabric, this toy is great for daytime playtime and night-time cuddles. At 32cm tall, Bing Bunny is a perfect size – a really cute character. Any young Bing fans, toddlers and children aged 10 months, or more are sure to love this huggable Bing and Biteysaurus set.