Hey Duggee

Explore and Snore Camping Duggee with Stick


  • STICKY STICK: Includes a 10cm tall Sticky Stick plush and 6 nature factoid cards
  • 2 in 1: Daytime hiking outfit transforms into Duggee in his sleeping bag
  • REVERSIBLE: Roll Duggee into his sleeping bag by pulling his backpack round to the front and tuck him in
  • FREE CONTENT- Scan the exclusive QR code for loads of dowladable games, crafts, receclying tips andmore!
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This reversible, electronic plush sees Duggee in 2 different outfits. First he’s in his hiking gear, complete with orange coat and woolly hat. Turn over his backpack to tuck Duggee up in his sleeping bag!

Duggee will say different phrases in each outfit, woofs and the iconic ‘step by step’ song when he’s hiking and adorable snores when its bedtime!

A mini Stick plush is included as well as 6 nature factoid and acitvity cards. Download FREE Duggee content including activity sheets, recycling tips, games, crafts and loads more with the exclusive QR code. It’s time to put one foot in front of the other and go on an adventure with Duggee! For children aged 10m+.