Hey Duggee

Sleepy-time Duggee


Press Duggee’s hand to hear the soothing Bedtime song from the CBeebies show, loved by little Duggee fans.

Soft glowing lights to help children wind down and relax.

Soothing sounds include soft Duggee woofs and snores – there’s volume control and an on/off button so adults can choose when to stop the sounds and lights.

Extra soft and cuddly for cosy Duggee hugs, just like in the TV show.

Duggee is all ready for bed, wearing his striped pyjamas and nightcap.

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Snuggle up with super-soft and cuddly Duggee. He’s all ready for bed in his striped pyjamas and nightcap. Press his hand to hear the iconic Bedtime Song from the TV show and gentle snoring and woof sounds. Duggee has softly glowing lights to help little ones relax. Made from 100% recycled fabrics and filling, Duggee is extra soft and snuggly for restful Duggee hugs at bedtime or naptime. There’s an on/off switch and volume button so grown-ups have full control.