In the Night Garden

Talking Igglepiggle Soft Toy


Super-soft and snuggly luxurious plush toy for cuddles, comfort and settling down to sleep.

Press Igglepiggle’s hand to hear the soothing In the Night Garden theme tune and character sounds from the TV show.

A favourite character from the much-loved CBeebies bedtime show In the Night Garden.

Features tactile jumbo cord and embossed star and spot fabric.


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Press Igglepiggle’s hand to hear the iconic In the Night Garden theme tune. He also makes character sounds – it’s just like he’s talking to you! He’s super soft and comforting with a plush and tactile body for cosy snuggles. He’s even carrying his own soothing red blanket, just like in the show! Igglepiggle is 32cm tall and made from 100% recycled fabric and filling. You can replace his batteries too.