Smart Ball

Smart Ball Soccer Bot


Practice Your Skills
If you’re looking for versatile gameplay, use the four smart discs to establish your playing area and make the game as easy or as challenging as you wish. Whether you’re practicing alone or passing the smart ball between friends to outsmart the bot, the Soccer Bot offers endless fun and challenge.

Keep Count of Your Score
Feel the thrill of competition with the in-built LCD screen that not only keeps track of your current score but also records your highest scores. Want to set personal bests or challenge your friends to beat your score? The Soccer Bot smart ball is designed to adapt to your playing field.

Play Different Modes
With a simple switch on the bottom, flick between standard and boost mode on this smart football for tougher surfaces like carpet. This ensures optimal performance and gameplay, no matter the conditions.


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Get ready to elevate your football skills with the next big thing in indoor football – the Smart Ball Indoor Soccer Bot. This state-of-the- art Soccer Bot uses advanced sensor technology to track the ball, manoeuvring expertly to try and tackle the player and test their skills to the utmost. Can you beat the smart football bot? It’s time to find out!

Smart Ball Football
No matter your skill level, the Soccer Bot is ready to play with three different speed modes, designed to accommodate players of all abilities. Dodge, weave and outplay the smart football bot to keep the ball and score points, all while improving your close-control football skills.

Troubleshooting steps :

  • Ensure the batteries inserted are new
  • Ensure you insert batteries into the Bot AND the ball sensor. To remove ball sensor use 1 of the 4 green discs provided in the pack to twist the sensor out of the ball.
  • Move the ball within close proximity at the front of the soccer bot – within 1 meter to start.
  • Press the level 1, 2 or 3 on the soccer bot
  • Wait for the count to activate play
  • Stay within the game zone
  • Make sure the area is free from obstacles
  • Ball sensor will switch off automatically when not in use. Sensor is active when red light is showing.