Squirty Gertie

Squirty Gertie


  • Hilarious, active game for kids from 3+
  • Easy gameplay so everyone can join in
  • Competition and turn-taking encourages sociable play
  • No batteries needed – just fill with tap water
  • Robust Gertie toy with splash mat to stop water going everywhere
  • Kids can’t get enough of Gertie’s hilarious, random squirting
  • Age Suitability: 3 years +


One wrong moo-ve can get you squirted! Play Squirty Gertie with two or more players from 3+ for hilarious, splashy pedal pumping fun.

Gertie is a silly, squirty cow who gives you two games in one. Challenge one other player to pedal fastest and hit the timer – whoever loses gets squirted! Or play a turn-taking game of chance with family and friends. Use the spinner to find out how many pumps each player gets – only Gertie knows who’s going to get squirted!