Secret Fairy Musical Jewellery Box


  • FIND THE KEYS, UNLOCK THE MYSTERIES: Over 20 surprises! Find hidden keys and mysteries in this chic and novel Musical Jewellery Box! Discover hidden keys and gorgeous jewellery inside!
  • BURSTING WITH ACCESSORIES: Collect the stylish metal charms on your journey including heart, fairy ballerina, flower, dancing slippers, musical note and fairy wings plus 3 stunning gemstones
  • REVEAL THE FINAL MYSTERY: Turn the final key and watch the magical fairy dance to the music. Watch the as the fairy door magically opens as the music ends and get the final surprise
  • INCLUDES 3 SONGS – Listen to the magical songs play as the fairy dances. She can be taken out of her fairy lantern and dressed in her princess tiara for added role-play fun
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Novel Musical Jewellery Box! This fantastic, gem packed music box is full of secrets and surprises.

It’s a creative “unboxing” toy! Boasts special doors, treasure drawers and much, much more!

With costume gems, metal charms, hidden keys, a bracelet, and a beautiful fairy princess ballerina that spins when the music starts to play.

Unlock the lantern… And the magic! Age 5+