Secret Message Maker


  • GIVE SECRET MESSAGES TO YOUR BFF using stencils, scratch cards, filters and a mirror! Who’ll get YOUR first one?
  • DISCOVER, WRITE, REVEAL: A world of secrets and codes awaits! Send private notes to friends!
  • HIDDEN KEYS AND MYSTERIES: Open each door to discover still more surprises and secrets. Age six plus
  • FUN PACKED: Boasts 40+ surprises! Secret keys, decoder filter, mirror, stencils, stickers and more!
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Give your BFF secret messages using stencils, stickers, a special filter and a compact mirror! Who’ll get YOUR first note?! This special case is bursting with secrets: there’s SO much to discover! Your little one is sure to enjoy the treasure-hunt style journey with their friends… Each stage reveals secrets and surprises. Find keys, write messages, reverse codes – and more!

With over 40 surprises to unlock and enjoy, there’s lots of fun for everyone in the Funlockets Secret Message Maker. Use the heart key to unlock the first mystery compartment… Inside you’ll discover more messages, stickers and another key! But the journey’s only just begun…

Hidden inside this well-made toy are dozens of secrets. Discover hidden messages and reveal classic code concepts. These include Red Filters, Mirror Writing and Scratch Messages. Comes complete with red-filter decoder, compact mirror and scratch messages. There’s more play to be had with the easy-to-use coding booklet. Put messages under the cover to reveal letters – and decipher the code! Use the paper sheets and golden stencils to write your own messages… You can flip the stencils over to create mirror writing! There’s even a special place to put Red Filter messages: just pop them under the phone filter to discover the content.

The sturdy case measures 20.5cm x 16cm and has a robust handle. Makes a great birthday gift or perfect Christmas present for any kids age 6 plus.

Contents: Lockable case with glittery pencil, red filter and red filter messages, booklet, compact powder for mirror messages, 5 keys to unlock compartments, mirror messages, hole messages, scratch messages to reveal, cards to create scratch messages of your own, scratch stickers to create your own scratch messages, mini envelopes, stencils, blank paper, sticker sheets.