Sassimals Ali Alpaca


  • FUNNY DANCE-ALONG TOY: Sass up your life with the latest dancing craze, the Sassimals!
  • TWO WAYS TO PLAY: Ali repeats YOUR words in a silly voice! Or bops along to catchy songs!
  • WIGGLES, TALKS AND DANCES: Plenty of giggles as Ali’s neck wiggles in a sassy dance
  • GREAT QUALITY: Fluffy novelty; bursting with colour! Rainbow hair is bright and soft. For all ages
  • VALUE FUN FOR EVERYONE: the fun-packed alpaca stands around 32cm tall
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It’s time to get sassy and bop along with the newest dancing toy? Cue the Sassimals! Meet Ali the Alpaca: this limber llama has Sass with a capital S!

Boasts two fun ways to play: Ali dances AND talks back! EASY TO USE: just press the button on Ali’s foot for talkback? Ali records your voice, then acts like a voice changer: she gives that sass right back! An ideal present for kids, Ali repeats what you say in a hilarious way. The silly voice promises laughs galore for little ones ? and you, too! There’s no drama with this llama: just head-wobbling sass!

And there’s more! Ali’s OTHER foot also has a button with a musical note? When you press it, it’s party time! Shake your stuff on the dance floor as Ali sings one of three exclusive Sassimal songs. Guaranteed to get everyone up dancing! Bop your head and shake your booty as Ali shows her sassy style!

Everyone giggles as Ali’s head wiggles! Perfect gift for friends or family? Kids love to copy the toy’s movements: Ali boogies along to the Sassimal songs.

With long, fluffy fabric, bright colours a bop that just won’t stop, Ali makes a perfect present. Great for a birthday or Christmas gift! Get sassy and strut your stuff with Ali the Alpaca.