Zipstas Families 3-in-1 reversible girls mini backpack to soft toy with baby


  • THREE TOYS IN ONE – Extra fun! The Zipstas Families Mini Backpacks include two characters for an extra surprise!
  • FANTASTIC FUN for girls or boys who want soft toys with a twist… Literally!
  • SUPER CUTE CUDDLY TOY: With the outside in, the two-in-one pack is a fluffy toy. Aged 10 Months Plus
  • PERFECT SLEEPOVER COMPANION: Kids love to take a bag and toy to sleepovers and days away… Do both with Zipstas!
  • 3 TO COLLECT: Choose from Perfect Panda, Unique Unicorn or Sleepy Sloth
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3 toys in 1 for extra fun! Mini backpack transforms into cuddly, small-scale toys! With the inside out, go out and about with the on-trend toddler rucksack. But with a twist of the wrist, you zip it and flip it… It’s a 2 in 1 animal toy!

These funny, furry, friends offer lightweight, portable fun. Perfect for sleepovers.

Ideal children’s Christmas present or birthday gift. Age 10 months and up.