Windy Bums

Windy Bums Donkey


SUPER FUN: Brilliantly entertaining for both children and adults!

BUMP TO MAKE THEM TRUMP: Watch as they hilariously move along the floor or surface whilst trumping and giggling. . . Once they start, they just can’t stop!

DONKEY IS THE SILLY ONE OF THE BUNCH: He is very clumsy and very Windy!

SUPER SOFT: Soft and colourful tactile fabrics.

BATTERIES INCLUDED so the fun never stops.


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Cheeky fun for everyone with this funny farting plush donkey toy. Bump to start – and hear it fart! This Windy Bums donkey is strangely addictive: it makes rude sounds and moves around. It wiggles, jiggles and giggles across the floor. When it stops, bump again to hear the farting sounds again and again! Toddlers and adults alike will love this hilarious, trumping toy unicorn! Made in soft and colourful fabrics and suitable from 10 months.