Windy Bums

Windy Bums Zebra


Hilarious sounds – parping, farting and roaring.

Interactive toy wiggles, jiggles and makes noises as it moves around the floor.

Just give Dino a bump to hear her trump and start the fun!

Comforting, soft and tactile plush for squishy cuddles, plus soothing vibrations.

The perfect size for hugs from little or big arms (12.5 X 12 X 16 cm).



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There’s fun and giggles for everyone when Windy Bums Zebra starts wiggling, jiggling, parping and farting as he moves along. Bump him and he’ll begin all over again. Zany Zebra is hilariously entertaining for babies (10 months+) to adults. Zebra’s funny trumps get the biggest laughs! Made from soft and colourful tactile fabric and recycled materials, Zebra is snuggly and comforting for little ones. For older children and even adults, Zebra makes a brilliantly silly gift.