Astro Venture

Astro Venture Space Shuttle


  • LIGHT UP AND LIFT OFF: Touch the button, launch the ship! Blast-off lights and sound effects
  • OPEN THE BAY for let’s pretend play! Extend the mechanical arm so the astronaut can do a spacewalk
  • SEAT YOUR ASTRONAUT: Shuttle canopy opens. Put your space explorer inside ready to pilot the ship!
  • STELLAR VALUE FOR MONEY: Comes with Moon Shuttle, astronaut figure, and space-walk arm INCLUDES BATTERIES: Comes with 2 x AAA batteries. Your kid can start playing as soon as it arrives
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Blast off! The fun really takes off with this high-quality spaceship toy. With realistic sound effects and blinking lights at the touch of a button, kids control the mission! Age three and up it helps strengthen youngsters? fingers as they pretend to visit alien worlds and travel the galaxy!

Open the canopy and sit the chunky character figurine inside. It sparks the imagination and helps early learning by improving hand and eye coordination. Let your little one soar and explore the cosmos!