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  • Astro Venture Space Shuttle

    Astro Venture Space Shuttle

    • LIGHT UP AND LIFT OFF: Touch the button, launch the ship! Blast-off lights and sound effects
    • OPEN THE BAY for let’s pretend play! Extend the mechanical arm so the astronaut can do a spacewalk
    • SEAT YOUR ASTRONAUT: Shuttle canopy opens. Put your space explorer inside ready to pilot the ship!
    • STELLAR VALUE FOR MONEY: Comes with Moon Shuttle, astronaut figure, and space-walk arm INCLUDES BATTERIES: Comes with 2 x AAA batteries. Your kid can start playing as soon as it arrives
  • Astro Venture Space Station

    Astro Venture Space Station

    • LIFT OFF THE GROUND WITH LIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Activate great effects at the touch of a button
    • DISCOVER MORE: Open swivel doors One control room hides entry stairs; the other a Hover Vehicle
    • FLOAT YOUR ASTRONAUT: Special tether connects the space explorer’s backpack to the top of the station
    • OUT OF THIS WORLD VALUE! Comes with 2 control rooms, an astronaut figure, tether, and hover unit
    • INCLUDES BATTERIES: Complete with two AA batteries so kids can start playing as soon as it arrives!