Astro Venture

Astro Venture Space Station


  • LIFT OFF THE GROUND WITH LIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Activate great effects at the touch of a button
  • DISCOVER MORE: Open swivel doors One control room hides entry stairs; the other a Hover Vehicle
  • FLOAT YOUR ASTRONAUT: Special tether connects the space explorer’s backpack to the top of the station
  • OUT OF THIS WORLD VALUE! Comes with 2 control rooms, an astronaut figure, tether, and hover unit
  • INCLUDES BATTERIES: Complete with two AA batteries so kids can start playing as soon as it arrives!
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Blast off! The fun really takes off with this high-quality spaceship toy. With realistic sound effects and blinking lights at the touch of a button, kids control the mission! Age three and up. With two command modules, you can open the swivel doors and discover the space-ship’s control rooms. One hides the rocket’s entry stairs; the other a Hover Pad! The cosmonaut action figure fits on the Hover Pad and inside the lunar craft.

But that’s not all, as well as the sound effects, lights and extra vehicle, the spaceman/woman connects to the top of the ship. Use the special tether to float the explorer to the top of the rocket. Play pretend and travel through the stars; to the moon, planets and beyond!